Steve Sweitzer

Triumph: A show of support

Steve Sweitzer
Triumph: A show of support

My friend and co-conspirator, Greg Collins, and I just helped out on an agency pitch in Switzerland. We didn't get to go to Switzerland, but we ate Swiss chocolate while we worked on this cool assignment to introduce a new line of bras.

In Europe, Triumph is a lingerie company, as well as an iconic motorcycle brand but, not one and the same. Although, that would be a cool cross-promotion. Hmmm.

So, the idea here is that since Triumph literally supports women with their products, why not support them in real life, as well? With every bra sold, Triumph would donate a percentage of profits to protect women everywhere from domestic violence.

I want to thank Dennis Fagan, photographer, and friend for shooting these images in Austin, Texas. Sean McKenna and I designed the look and Morgan Dhee agreed to model and called her friends to help out. Thanks all.

Below is a sample script by Greg. He's smart. Hire him for your next project. Contact me for his number.



We support women. All women.

From Albania to Zambia, and every point in between.

We support women in every way. And in every moment, large and small.

The big interview.

The second, third, fourth or 400th date.

The wedding day.

Mother's Day.

The day you become a Mother Day.

And each and every day in between.

At Triumph, we support every woman.

In every moment. In every way.