Steve Sweitzer

Kreuz BBQ TV: BBQ is Truth

Steve Sweitzer
Kreuz BBQ TV:  BBQ is Truth

When you have brand integrity, you don't have to make stuff up. All you have to do is shine a light on what you are doing right and stay on point. Don't sacrifice your core values for anything.

Kreuz BBQ is a good example. One time, Jeff Bednarz and I were shooting commercials for Wal-Mart in the small town of Lockhart, Texas. When we got hungry, we found this place. When we met the owner, we knew we had to come back and make a little film about this legendary barbecue guru.

It is the truth about life and barbecue spoken by Smitty, the owner.

Even though this film is now 30 years old, and Smitty is long gone, what he says still resonates because the barbecue is truth, and the taste will set you free.